Wednesday, November 23, 2005

since you asked...

I thought it would be easier to respond to all the comments from yesterday at once.

Well that has certainly brought that piece to life. You'd never know it started life so bland! And you've pushed me into adding copper to my Golden range! Bland is putting it mildly. First layer is printed with a gelatin plate and a couple of random things I grabbed as I demonstrated this technique. I love copper best of all the metallics, and I don't use a lot of metallics in my work. But they are great as little accents.

Is that onion-like thing a stamp? ... Have you ever resorted to using your feet and the floor to stamp? (I've run out of counter space) I think the onion thing is a radish, but who cares? No, it is a Thermofax screen but I am sure it is a stamp somewhere. My BARE feet? I haven't, but it sounds like a plan. Except that I've run out of floor space, too.

I love this, the additions really make this piece. Now, I really want to take a class with you. It seems that's what's calling me now. Cathy, I'll be teaching in Denver Sept 12-15 at Front Range Contemporary Quilters, so contact them to see about registration.

Wow, you really enlivened that piece! Is it instinct or years of training that tells you what to add next and where? Pure instinct. Never had any training. Never took an art class, except for art history in college. Trial and error and asking myself "what if?" I highly recommend it.

I'm thinking about getting some Golden paints after hearing wonderful things about them. Do you know of a good source? Michael's doesn't seem to have them and I'm unfamiliar with art stores or catalogs... Lisa, Golden makes the best acrylic paints. Since they are not fabric paints, you might want to check Michael's where they have the regular art supplies. I bet they have 'em. Otherwise, Dick Blick has them, as does any 'real' art supply store. Just keep a few things about acrylics in mind if you are going to print fabric with them:

  • They dry very quickly, so if you screen with them, wash them out IMMEDIATELY or they will clog the screen.
  • The antidote to that is to use Golden's GAC 900 and add a little bit to the paint. This is a fabric medium that keeps the paint from changing the hand of the cloth. But I would still wash it out fairly soon.
  • Golden's fluid acrylics are great. They're not as thick, and are very concentrated.
  • If you are stamping with acrylics, or gelatin printing with them, this is not so much of an issue.


Debra Spincic said...

You are so great to share ideas and info like you do. thanks!

next year is going to be more innovative for me. . . following your lead.

Rayna said...

Debra, I'm just giving back to the universe. Plenty of people have shared with me and that is what is so great about the art community.
Hope to see you again if I'm teaching in Houston next year.

Frances said...

Rayna, I have some Daler-Rowney system 3 acrylic paints and fabric medium which they say can be used as you have described for the golden products, do you know of these D-R products?
thanks for all the info I might find time to have ago next week,
love the prints both yours and your students,

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