Saturday, November 05, 2005

a tree grows in Brooklyn

But I didn't take any pictures of trees, or of Brooklyn. This is the Manhattan Bridge which goes between the two boros and is at the end of Canal Street. The Brooklyn Bridge goes to a different part of Brooklyn. Canal St. was one big traffic jam, so I had time to take a couple of pictures. The crowds were out in full force on such a gorgeous day, looking for bargains at such places as the Taj Mahal Car Stereo Warehouse in the middle of Chinatown.(!) The neighborhood is a mecca for accupuncture and other alternative medicines - which used to be illegal. I couldn't resist this photo below. A far cry from when my aunt sneaked into Chinatown and knocked three times on an unmarked door to get accupuncture for her tennis elbow 35 years ago. it was the only thing that helped and it was the only way she could get treated.Jessica and Tommy, whose street has lots of trees I didn't take pictures of, had the apartment painted in great colors before they moved in - and since this is theoretically an art blog, here they are. Uh. Carrot. One wall in the foyer/dining room. I wouldn't have had the courage, but it looks great! Of course, orange stimulates the appetite so I'm not sure what the ramifications will be - but it is cheerful. Bedroom, below. I couldn't get the kitchen picture color accurate or acid enough but it is a light yellow-green which looks funky with their white cabinets and black appliances. you'll have to imagine it.

We brought a bottle of champagne to celebrate our first meal in their new co-op and we had a wonderful artichoke fritatta that Jessica made and great, truly New York bagels that were small and chewy - not like round white bread that you find everywhere else in America.

On the way home, we were going too fast and my digital camera is too slow for me to shoot all the gritty, industrial landscape that I wanted to get. But I did get this shot of something wonderful; I know not what it is: maybe the towers of the Pulaski Skyway. To me, it is beautiful. It was a good day. Even though I am older than I was yesterday. Then again, who isn't?


Pat's Place said...

Happy Birthday, Rayna!
As my honey always says, getting older is better than the alternative!

Barbara at the Jersey Shore said...

I like the picture of the structure on the Turnpike. My mother always called that stuff "beautiful drek" and I always want to photograph it but never do. Next trip though, I will!

Elle said...

Happy Birthday and I enjoyed the pictures!

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