Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday night check-in

Well, I seem to have completed half the items on this morning's list, if you count two more cups of coffee and lunch as actual items. I can check off the following... 1. finish unloading supplies sent back from Houston 2. bring them to downstairs studio (and plunked them on my print table) 3. work on outlines for future projects (worked on, did not finish) 4. finish sewing facing to quilt 6. charge my camera battery so I can photograph #5 and #4 (the battery is still charging) 7. have another cup of coffee 11. take new silkscreens downstairs to print studio (plunked them on the floor) 12. have another cup of coffee 16. have lunch 20. get ready to go to fiber lecture and exhibit at William Paterson University tonight ** ** Went to this event, which turned out to be an exhibit of student work from the textiles (or is it fibers?) department, plus a panel discussion which mainly centered on whether we should call it fiber art or textile art. Inconclusive, as you can imagine. I should attempt one more thing on the list before I give up and go to bed.


mary m. said...

Jeez Louiz, I don't feel so guilty about all the coffee I drink. You are one busy lady.

Is that disc you got at Target a Christmas ornament? I'm going on a search for texturizing objects this week...going to try a flea market on Sat. in Lambertville. See you soon!!!!!

gabrielle said...

Ah, the glamorous life of a contemporary quiltmaker....just got through with the studio, still have paper stacked in the office and am keeping my fingers crossed that my calendar is up to date...would hate to try a be in two places at once. Have another cuppa will make it all better.

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