Tuesday, November 22, 2005

rainy Tuesday

What is it about rainy days? How do they make you feel? For me, in the autumn, and especially when I am in, there is a sense of comfort. The drumbeat of raindrops on the skylights; the musky fragrance of dead, wet leaves, and the luminosity of the wet, grey sky at this time of year. I want to iron or bake, or bury myself in a can't-put-it-down novel with a strong cup of English tea at hand. And I feel an odd sense of freedom: elation that I don't have to GO anywhere. The day is all mine. Today was that kind of day -- warm enough so I could rescue the last of the houseplants before they got cold, cool enough so I could open the sliding glass door to counteract the heat of the oven as I baked my Thanksgiving pies. When I opened the door, I saw that my woods had turned monochromatic. The tree with the dead leaves on the right will stay that way all winter: those leaves don't fall. Strange, isn't it?

And the deck was pure poetry in the rain.

While I was outside, the pies were baking: two pecan pies and an apple-cranberry. I don't know why I bother with the apple, since everybody fights over the pecan. I will have to kill my husband if he even THINKS of breaking off a piece of the crust before Thursday.


Karoda said...

You've described my kind of day also...they are just so precious and savory.

Debra said...

Isn't this odd... I saw your photo of your trees and suddenly felt nostalgic for life back east.

I like those fall rainy days, too. So why is it that by spring they are not as welcome??

Rayna said...

By spring we're ready to be outside; in Fall we're getting into the nesting phase. My theory, anyway.

Lisa Call said...

Love the juxtaposition of the wet deck picture with the single leaf and the pecan pie. Perfect!

Dianna in Maui said...

I love rainy days, too, especially on weekends because it means we are staying home and I can SEW! :-) One of the drawbacks to living in Hawaii is our perpetual nice weather (how's that for a drawback?) so you feel like you should be outside all the time. I really do miss the change of seasons and winter wardrobes, though.

Beautiful pie. I'm baking pumpkin pie and cranberry duff tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I typed in "drawbacks to living in Hawaii" and your site popped up because of the above posting. It is so true that the warm weather here is a drawback. No cozy days by the fire. Hot soup, coffee, comfort foods just aren't the same here. Yes, it's beautiful and a nice place to visit, but give me the seasons back! We're only here for a short time.

Love the pictures. I yearn for the midwest come fall time. I can see the changes of the leaves at Ft. Riley and Manhattan, Ks. as I type this.

Thanks and God bless.

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