Saturday, November 26, 2005

sigh of relief

The company has gone home, the leftover turkey is about to be ground up, and I don't want to look at another bird: EVER. We have wild turkeys in the backyard - disgusting, raucous, nasty creatures who come up to the front door in a gaggle, or flock, or gang, or whatever turkeys are called en masse. They bark. They bite. They chase you. My husband heard on NPR this morning that if you feed wild turkeys (ha, I would never do that) - they think you are their servant and they feel superior and arrogant and get nasty and bite you. I hate the wild ones and the ones you eat. Bah humbug. Benjamin Franklin thought the turkey should be the national bird of the U.S. because eagles are mean and predatory. But for some reason, he was outvoted. Imagine, if the turkey had been the national bird, we'd be eating something else for Thanksgiving. Wouldn't that have been nice? The rest of our weekend was really exciting. Yesterday, we went to buy a shredder. My daughter Jessica was here and decided to weed out her memorabilia. At the same time, I thought it might be a good idea to get rid of all the cancelled checks and paid bills from 1991-2. But these days, you can't just THROW OUT things like that - so we went shredder shopping. So far, we haven't plugged it in. It has wheels. How cute. And it takes credit cards. Today, we went to Home Despot to look for a fixture to replace the broken one over our washing machine. Bought one: cheap fixture, expensive bulbs. The alternative was the reverse but all the expensive fixtures were uglier than the cheap one and who needs fancy over the washer and dryer? I did actually have about an hour to do some work in the studio tonight before we went out to dinner -but nothng was working -- so I made some postcards. More, tomorrow.

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Deb R said...

Wow, your wild turkeys are mean! We have loads of them around our place too, but ours are rather shy. We see them from a distance but they never get very close to the house. (Maybe the fact that I have three large dogs could have something to do with that though.) As it is, my only quarrel with ours is that they always eat up 90% of the wild raspberries so I hardly get any.

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