Sunday, November 20, 2005


It's been a long, busy, fun day. Taught gelatin printing and had the pleasure of Mary Manahan's company yet again, along with Gloria Hansen. Turned out that the two of them know each other because Gloria designed Mary's website. So they had an unexpected chance to spend a day together. Mary brought her quilt, which is beyond beautiful -- and she made some lovely fabrics with her antique found objects. I brought my camera but, of course, left the battery charging at home. I give up. So I didn't get a picture of the class at work, but Gloria has promised to send some that she took. At Mary's request, I brought my batik fabrics so she could see them 'in person.' And I brought the box of scarves that I was getting ready to take to the Winter Quilt & Craft show at the Pierro Gallery. Here is a picture of the scarf that Mary couldn't live without. It looks splendid on her, too! And one of the other people in the class bought this blue chiffon one as a gift. The pink one was printed with a sink mat, among other things. And the one below, with bubble wrap. And now, either I am hallucinating, or the clock radio has gone on in the middle of the night upstairs and my husband is sleeping through it. I'm going to find out.


Sandy said...

Hey Rayna! I know I haven't called, I haven't written, and I haven't dropped by for years, but here I am now- hope you have a cheesecake handy.

I am reading QuiltArt again but trying VERY hard not to answer anything since all i do is get in trouble, so it's sort of my own little stealth mission to be there but be invisible- we'll see how long it lasts.

ANYway, about your black background/white type on your website- I love black backgrounds! BUT, that said, they are hard to read if the font color is white so when I use one, I take it down a notch and use a gray or tan for the font- much more readable AND the Images pop even more because there is less competition. Oh my- yes, I am looking again and see that your name and Studio 78 are in a nice gray-beige, exactly what I am talking about. Try changing that color with the white, then you can punch up your name and title since it's visually separate up there at the top. Also, you might tone down the yellow and red a bit at the same time because they are also setting up a visual jump.

My Other Complaint is that you mention forgetting your camera or not having the charger or something camera related in every post! C'mon now- get it together and carry that sucker in your purse ALL the time! If it's too big, get a teensy one, it it's too small, get a chain and wear it around your neck (like you're a rapper), but carry it all the time so we don't miss all the photos you talk about almost taking!

But meanwhile, I love what you're doing now- keep up the interesting work! Sandy

Rayna said...

Sandy WHO?? Just kidding. What a breath of fresh air to hear your voice. I am baking a cheescake just for you: all you have to do is show up!

C'mon now, make a little trouble on that QA list -- we need some excitement there!

Thanks for your suggestions on the website type colors - I'll play around with them a bit more. Very helpful

And you want ME to get it together?
hahhahahaha -. I took my camera yesterday, just forgot the battery - a minor detail.

Now I am off to read your blog, which of course, I didn't know about before today.

mary m. said...


Great class! Can't wait to practice what I learned yesterday. My favorite thing about that scarf is...........................

(read my blog to find out)

Liz said...

Yumm - I love baked cheesecake - how about a recipe!! The only time I tried to make it, it didn't turn out right...

I love those scarves!