Thursday, January 19, 2006

I promise to post soon

It's been nonstop since Helene arrived and I have neither time nor pix (yet) to post. We went to the VIP opening on Tuesday night at the NoHo Gallery in Chelsea, which was a very nice exhibit. There is a public opening tonight and another artist's reception on Saturday night, so if you are near NY City and love art quillts, you should go. The gallery space is small, so the 12 pieces of the show were just about all that would fit without being crowded. We walked and walked, from the Port Authority bus terminal to Chelsea, then around to a lot of galleries on 25th St. There was some wonderful art and some that you wouldn't hang in your garage - we just laughed and laughed! I hate to say that the worst art was in one of the 'vanity' galleries with a very well known name. Helene and I had a fabulous day running errands yesterday and having the most divine Indian food for luch - and later in the day we heated up the wax pot and went to work. Today, Linda Colsh is coming to stay for the rest of the week, and Cathy Kleeman will stay tonight. Our crit group and guests are meeting here today and I promise to take pictures of various and sundry and post them tonight.


Karoda said...

oh this post is such a tease. sounds like some big girl fun to me!

jenclair said...

Can't help but laugh at Karoda's comment - she is SO right on both counts.

Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time, with more to come.

mary m. said...

I'll be at Noho Saturday in support of my friend Betsy Fram, who has a piece in the show!

CLAIRE said...

too much fun!!!
wish i were there. tell helene i'm in mjlite. hugs to all of you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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