Monday, January 23, 2006

play day in my basement

Saturday was a day of pure pleasure -- working with dyes, wax, and screens in my downstaiars studio. Here I am, applying dye to a piece I had waxed. Try to ignore the mess in the background - LOL. Linda Colsh, Helene Davis and I tripped over one another in this small space but somehow managed to make some fabulous pieces of fabric. It was a real collaborative effort: here is Linda adding wax with my tjap to a piece of Helene's hand-dyed cotton. Here's Helene ironing her fabric, which is pictured below before she ironed out the wax.

We all took turns using some of the same tjaps and dyes but it is amazing how differently our pieces turned out. Linda left for home yesterday and I forgot to take pictures of her results, but here is my fabric from above combined with a piece of scrap I had lying around, to which I had applied some paint. Linda added some wax and mopped up with random dyes and I put them together for this result:

One more thing. Here is the piece by Linda Colsh that is now hanging on my studio wall.

Aren't I lucky?


Cathy said...

Lucky! You surely are blessed to have such great and talented friends. I love the colors of the piece that you did. Looks wonderful

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to come over and play. What cool stuff you all did.

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like fun!! I just love the little racoon prints on Linda's!!


Anonymous said...

helene, linda and then you went to the met? yes, i agree you are very lucky!
when you coming to florida?
sunny venice fl

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