Thursday, January 05, 2006

week #48 drawing, etc.

I've resolved to get back into the walking routine (although that r-word is one of my least favorite words). So, here is my resolution drawing.

In case you don't recognize it, it is a sneaker. I hate sneakers. I would much rather walk in my Birks or my Arches (sent back two pair to Zappos today because one was too big and one was too small. I need to order one that is just right).

Enough. I am about to go upstairs and sit at the - gasp - sewing machine for a while. I may check in later if I accomplish anything nearly as worthwhile as all of my fellow bloggers seem to do. Oh, the pressure!!!


Karen Winters said...

Rayna, that is a fine expressive shoe and sock - I can just sense the determination behind it. I see it's in your sketchbook - maybe you could make a color copy to put where you will see it daily to remind you of your commitment. Wouldn't be interesting to see if drawing our resolutions makes them "stick" more than just saying them out loud? There's a research project for someone.

Lin said...

I too am committed to walk more -- but like you, I HATE sneakers - and so wind up walking on my treadmill (when it's too cold or raining) in my slippers (NOT so good on the arches!) -- or outside with my boots! Love the easy look of the sketch!

Terry said...

I walk 5 days a week, with a friend--helps to have someone to talk to. What is it with sneakers? I have yet to find a pair that is really comfortable, not to mention how ugleeee they are. I want a pair of those soft-looking sneaker-ish, but not sneakers, in bright red. Maybe with arch supports they would work for walking.

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