Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bead Creative

I just got an e-mail from Nancy Eha that her new book, Bead Creative Art Quilts, is hot off the press! If you are into beads, you know that Nancy does gorgeous work - and I'm really flattered that she invited me to be part of her new book. Am I a beader? No way. But one of my pieces is in her book and I'm very pleased. Nancy took one of my quilts - Urban Garden - and beaded it for her book. Here is the "before." I have no idea of what the 'after' looks like, so I'm eager to see the photo. I'm also pleased that Nancy has bought my quilt for her own collection -- but of course, it is now beaded.


Anonymous said...


You can see a "sneak peek" at what Nancy did to your quilt --
go to http://www.beadcreative.com
Click on the phrase "Look in the book", then on the next page, click on the little picture to the right of the lower right hand corner of the book (You'll recognize a bit of your quilt as the underlying fabric).

You're gonna love it!

mary m. said...


Your beautiful quilt has been covered up!!!! But I guess she paid for it, she can do what she wants.

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