Monday, January 09, 2006

tagged and so forth

I've been tagged, so here's a bunch of information you really need to know. Four Jobs You've Had: French teacher Promotion Director for a computer magazine Image consultant/personal shopper (the most fun!) Executive coach & career transition counselor (for people who have been fired/downsized) Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: On the Waterfront One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (I already saw it 27 times) Top Hat (anything with Fred Astaire - see below) On the Beach Four Places You've Lived Montclair, NJ Livingston, NJ Boulder, CO West Orange, NJ Four TV Shows you love to Watch: I don't watch tv, so... None None None None Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Paris Venice London San Francisco Four Websites You Visit Every Day: (blogs) my own: From the Sketchbook: Handmaiden: Everyday Matters: Four Of Your Favorite Foods: chana chat (or anything Indian) New York strip steak-RARE calamata olives (preferably in a martini) taramosalata Four Places You'd Rather Be: Boulder, CO. Paris Palm Beach New York City Four Albums You Can't Live Without: Julliard String Quartet: Dvorak String Quartet #12 & Piano quintet Op 81 Julliard String Quartet: Mendelssohn String Quartet in E-flat Major; String Quartet in A Minor Petersen Quartett: Beethoven String Quartets: Op 18 #6, #2, Op 135 Jerusalem Quartet: Hayden Quartets #5, #2, #1 Four People You'll Pass This On To: Claire Mary Frances Annabel


mary m. said...

Hi Rayna,

What goes into Chana Chat? There's an excellent Indian restaurant a few houses down from me we could walk to....Sita's..........maybe they serve Chana Chat....come on over, and we'll do the Lambertville thing, too

jenclair said...

I love reading these Memes and seeing all of the similarities and differences in people's choices. Your movies: 3 INTENSE dramas and Fred, to lighten things up?

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