Tuesday, January 10, 2006

morning in the studio

This may not look like creative work to you, but trust me: I have to be very creative to figure out what to do with all this stuff - and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have a couple of those narrow 4 drawer rolling thingies that I keep under my table. That means I have 8 junk drawers. Eight - count 'em!!This is junk-drawer cleaning season and instead of starting in the kitchen, I started here. It would have been easier to start in the kitchen.The art supplies are happily settled back in their respective places. A few things need to go down to the print studio: 2 bags of disposable rubber gloves (why don't I dispose of them?), some household objects that are good for printing, a hair dryer (for drying screens) and a bag full of water-soluble oil paints for printmaking. It is that stuff above that I can't figure out what to do with. Here is a partial list of goodies I found.
  • 2 tjantings that have been missing for months
  • 4 Olfa blades, still in packages - including one for a size I don't own
  • 12 rolls of assorted tapes: duct, packing, foil, masking, double-stick carpet, artist's tape, blue painter's tape. All partially used.
  • A receipt from J.Jill from 2004 for'sunsplash flip flops.' HUH??
  • a bottle of liquid paper white-out
  • 3 small calculators
  • 5 assorted metal tips
  • a packet of disposable ear plugs
  • a block of wood
  • a scrub brush for dishes.. and THIS.
    Does anybody know what UHU tac is or why I would have bought it???
  • Well, I have one more empty drawer: I think I'll throw everything I don't know what to do with into that drawer. Then I can get on with my day.


    Lin said...

    LOL - Sorting and organizing are beyond creative -- IT"S MIRACULOUS!

    jenclair said...

    Oh, believe me, I understand what
    "figuring out what to do with..." entails! I'd put Things Of A Kind together, except by the time I've found other items in that category, I've forgotten where I put the first items!

    "Some People" put things away immediately after using them -which takes a little extra time, but saves them from pulling their hair out later. Not me, unfortunately; I'm good at self-inflicted punishments.

    Lisa Call said...

    Nice pic!

    Back on the postmodern art thing again?

    Jules said...

    I have some of that UHU tac stuff that I cannot remember buying either. If you figure out what it is and why you bought it, please let me know. Maybe it will jog my memory. It looks like something I would have picked up at the Home Depot in the check out line.

    Since we are moving soon, I suppose I will be cleaning my junk drawers soon, too.

    Anonymous said...

    From some webpage I found when googling uhu tac....

    A reusable plastic adhesive that holds lightweight paper items against any dry surface. Adheres to most surfaces including calendars, charts, notes, sketches, posters and decorations. Excellent for securing collectibles on shelves and leveling picture frames. To use, knead a small portion and press against object to be hung. Safe, clean and non-toxic.

    Debra said...

    Yeah.. remember when you were school and the teacher would knead some stuff and stick posters and papers on the walls? That is what UhU tac is all about!!

    Rayna said...

    Thanks for telling me what the stuff is for. I still can't imagine why I bought it. But I can't throw it out, can I?

    The Ride Report from Mud Creek said...

    Ticky-Tacky! Or at least that is what my kids preschool used to call it. For the longest time I wondered why they were using chewing gum to stick pictures on the wall....duh!

    Anonymous said...

    Can we bid on this stuff?? You could put it all on EBay! I'd like to make an offer on both the tjantings and the ticky tacky!

    pedalpower said...

    Mike Sibley (a woooonderful draw-er!) uses a similar product to erase when makeing graphite drawings--go herehttp://www.sibleyfineart.com/
    click on Studio tips, then click on erasing with blue tack. Then be sure to check out his beautiful work!

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