Saturday, April 29, 2006

goodies in the real mail

This beautiful postcard from Vivika DeNegre arrived the other day to brighten my life. Vivika is the program chair of Shoreline Quilters, and makes the most exquisite pieces. I am lucky enough to have two of them in my postcard collection! She was doing a whole series of detailed bird cards when I was in Connecticut and I truly marvel at such work because I could never do it. Thanks, Vivika! Today, despite my horrid allergies - sneezing, itching, and general ickiness, we are going to the opening of SAQA's juried show at the Katonah, NY Art Center. Hopefully, with enough antihistamines and what my husband calls "war paint," I will feel and look less horrible than I do at this moment. I'm charging my camera batteries now and hope to post pictures of some sort. Not sure they will allow photos of the work - but I will take pix of the people, at the very least.


Sonji Hunt said...

Poor Rayna! Allergies are terrible and this is an awful time of year for those who suffer from them. I hope that your enjoyment of the exhibition will somehow squash the allergy guys down (you know like in those commercials) and you will feel superfantastic! Can't wait to see the pics of the show.

:-D eirdre said...

I just charged my batteries too - see you later!

Gerrie said...

I'm suffering with you!! I am in loove with the bird postcard - wow!!

Deb H said...

Gee sounds like when my Feel Free exhibit opened here in Anchorage. I was so sick, I had to carry inhalers & cough drops & tissues at all times. It was the reason I invented my Reverse-A-purse, so I'd have a nice little purse that matched my dress to wear at the opening. It led to classes, & more purse designs coming forth!
Hope you feel better & have a great time at your opening.
The postquard is beautiful BTW, & if you ever want to do an exchange from Alaska, let me know!