Sunday, April 16, 2006

procrastinating again

I just threaded a needle to sew a sleeve on a piece I have finished. You see how eager I am to do this chore. So here I am. Debra Roby was complaining about not having brilliant things to post: I know what you mean, Debra - although I don't agree about your blog. I think you've always got something fun on there. Nonetheless - we all go through these periods. The question is: do I post something inane or nothing at all? Mostly, I opt for the latter. But sometimes ya just feel like blathering on, whether anybody wants to read it at all. SO - I am going to blather about the kitchen - although I am having a hard time making this art-related. I forgive you if you skip the rest of this post. Yesterday was summer weather and oh, my, it was wonderful. Today - back to cool weather - a disappointment to me but I'll take it. I spent a good part of the day organizing my materials for Thursday's fabric postcard workshop at Gilda's Place. It's one thing to MAKE a postcard -- quite another to pay attention to the sequence and details so you can teach other people to do it. Do step 1, write it down - and be sure to write down the things you take for granted because you are teaching to people who may never have done anything fabric-related. I had to make a sample postcard out of commercial fabrics because that's what we will be using.


On another subejct... yesterday, my husband finished our taxes and took them to the post office. Hooray! Can we put the refund toward a new kitchen? Uh - sorry, it's going toward his dental work and a new roof - it might might pay for one tooth and a roof tile or two. BUT I NEED A STOVE!! (actually, they call them ranges these days). The clock/timer thingie is broken. They don't make the part any more. The self-cleaning oven doesn't work without the clock/timer thingie. I am allergic to the oven-cleaning chemicals. The paint is chipped and it looks entirely disgusting. Paint from the original knobs is worn off, so you don't know whether the stove is off or on. The temperature numbers on the oven knob are gone so you don't know what temp you are baking at. This is not a problem, since I have stopped using the bottom oven. The problem is that I can't just replace the damn thing. It's a double oven range of the type they don't make any more. Without going into construction details, suffice it to say that I either keep this horrible appliance that came with the condo or we redo the whole kitchen. For reasons too complicated to go into here, believe me - those are the choices. I am buying lottery tickets tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Debra said...


I understand your dilemna. I had to redo the kitchen (in a 6 year old house) 2 years ago because 3 cabinets broke.

It's ridiculously expensive! Can you get it done with an equity loan?

Felicity said...

Rayna, please blather on as much as you like! I must be strange because as soon as I hear something like 'oh I haven't got much to say' I find it's followed by something very interesting! Sounds like a real dilemma with the oven, I hope it can be sorted somehow. (Love the photo!)

mary m. said...

At least you're not blogging about cannibalism, like some people.

You DO need a new oven. Just go buy's the American way.

Gerrie said...

What refund???? I have a wonderful new oven in my new house - it is smarter than me - go get a new one!

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