Thursday, April 27, 2006

Art day in Philadelphia

Joanie & Rachel do Philadelphia

My friend Seema and I take one day a month to see an art exhibit. Today, Seema, Rachel, and I drove to Philadelphia to see the Fiber Biennial at Snyderman-Works and we met Joanie in the gallery. It was a huge outing for Joanie, who hasn't gotten out much lately. The show at Snyderman was wonderful -- but that was just the beginning of our fun day. After lunch, we walked around the Old Philadelphia neighborhood, which is peppered with galleries, shops, the wholesale restaurant supply district, and Betsy Ross' house. Just about everything we saw today was art. Look at the talent in this gallery window.

Then there was the street art. A doorway being restored. An old glass sidewalk grate whose gems shone pink and purple in the noonday sun.

Buildings being rehabbed.

Along the way I passed a sign on a door that said">"Plumber you are 1-1/2 hours late. Perhaps we should reschedule." Sounds like an understatement my father would have made. Perhaps, indeed. Or not.

This wonderful wall is a piece of sculpture. But apparently, not for long.

Around 2:00 Joanie headed for home and we headed for the wholesale restaurant supply store because I was looking for a big stockpot for steaming fabric. What a wonderland!

Plastic bread baskets. How festive! Seema said they reminded her of the restaurants in Mexico that have placemats hanging up outside as decorations. Well, you can't say the place is drab. i saw some items on this wall that I would have loved, but they were special order.

The man who owned the place -- well, they don't make 'em like that any more. Everything I asked the price of, he answered "one hundred dollars!" ha ha - jokester. I found a pot but the lid was extra. "Not everybody needs a lid." HUH? Well, I bought it anyway. With the lid. Extra. And then I needed something to put inside that I could use as a steaming thingie. I found a pot with holes all over it: all I have to do is find a way to remove the handle and it will fit inside the stockpot. Seema bought a frying pan and Rachel bought I don't -know-what, but she was busy snapping pictures. Here is Seema in the background, and me with Mr. $100 entertaining me as I paid. I grew up in a hardware store, so I loved it here. Still laughing, loaded down with pots and lids.

Finally time to go. It wasn't our last stop of the day, but it was the most fun.Everybody needs a day of such hilarity and nonsense at least once every six weeks or so. It was so much fun, it felt like a Friday!


Gerrie said...

It was good to see the smiling Joanie!! What a fun day.

Liz said...

Love that door.... and is that RUST on that grate??? How about nipping out at dead of night and putting some fabric on it???!! What a print!

Dianna in Maui said...

I love kitchen gadget shops, but for actually cooking with the tools! :-) I'm going to Oahu next Tuesday for a tax seminar, but I'll stop at the Executive Chef on the way back to the airport. YEAH!

My kitchen tools live in fear of the day we get you to come over to Maui. Things may never be the same!

Sonji Hunt said...

Rayna, it looked like the kind of friend outings that I absolutely love. You went to fun places, purchased needed items, saw beautiful stuff, met interesting people and hung out with your crew on what appeared to be a flawless day weatherwise. Good stuff.

kathy said...

I love where I live, at the end of the road. But when I hear of a day like this, i'm envious I don't live closer to civilization, BIG civilization. I'm not far from Andrew Wyeth's 'Christinas World' or I can get to Longfellows home pretty quickly, but Betsy Ross,and galleries, (with an "s"). Sounds like a lovely day for you and your wonderful friends...and I want to hear more about steaming fabric!

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