Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Connecticut day 2

Monday was the second of two workshops. Gayle, our class superstar, came in on Monday with a completed quilt from the fabric she had printed on Sunday. Amazing!!! On Sunday we had carved our own stamps. Most of the people in the workshop had done stamping but had never made their own, and they loved it. They brought back their printed fabric and on Monday, combined it with pieces from their own (or somebody else's) stash as we did a variety of challenging creativity exercises and small studies. I had also brought a bunch of Helene's hand-dyed strips to share with the class and boy, did those get used!! For the last exercise of the day, I cut up half of that piece of fabric and distributed it to the people in the workshop to see what they would do with it within 30 minutes. As usual, I was blown away with all the different ways people used one piece of fabric. These are not finished pieces, of course. But you'll get the idea. Click on them for larger images. Monday night was my guild lecture/trunk show and after a long, rewarding day, I slept very well. I suspect that everybody else did, too.

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