Sunday, June 17, 2007

silk road

Did some more wax and discharge yesterday on that piece of silk and steamed it tonight. The thing about discharge is that the two sides are always different - and surprisingly, it is often the 'other' side that discharges more or that you like better. Here is one example = two sides of the same discarged section: First, the "right" side, or the side where I painted the discharge paste into the unwaxed sections. Here is the "wrong" side of the fabric, which is quite different...I can't figure out why. I like it!
It is probably a 2 yard piece of silk broadcloth - it feels sandwashed; is heavy and delicious to the touch. Because it is so big there are large sections in the middle that I have not touched. Maybe tomorrow I can run over there for a few hours before we join our children for a barbecue late in the afternoon. Otherwise, Wed.


Cynthia Wilcox said...

Rayna, I found your blog from the comment you left on my blog. I LOVE your discharged fabrics. I've only done a bit of dyeing, but your pieces make me tempted to try more. Thanks for your thought provoking questions on QA about Nancy Crow's workshops.


lizzieb said...

ohhhhhh.....I like it!

Rachel said...

My 10 yards of silk/linen from SDA arrived. Guess I'd better get busy.

MargaretR said...

I love the colours, love both sides but prefer the one where the overlap has made a little flower shape.