Saturday, June 23, 2007

NY Saturday

One of the joys of a day in NY is happening on a parade you didn't know was scheduled. On our way to cross 6th Ave. and go to Bryant Park, we caught the tail end of the International Immigrants' Day Parade - just missed the Tibetans but here is one of the colorful Vietnamese floats. We did so much walking yesterday that today was a more restful day. We had a wonderful brunch at Marseilles - a very French bistro that was so good we returned for dinner. Then we headed over to Bryant Park and plunked ourselves down on chairs and sat for more than an hour, people watching. Bryant Park, behind the NY Public Library, is an oasis that looks very French. In the 19th Century it was a reservoir and was called Reservoir Park, then was renamed for William Cullen Bryant. I remember it as a druggie hangout - a real needle park - but now it is beautiful. Even the restroom has been restored and has fresh flowers! They show movies free at sundown on Mondays in summer, and for a number of years, Seventh on Sixth - the ready to wear fashion shows have taken place here in tents. There is a lending library from which you can borrow books, magazines, and newspapers to read while you are in the park. And of course, kiosks for food and drinks. On one end of the park is this beautiful carousel.
There were too many pictures I missed because either I didn't have my camera out or the delay was too long. I didn't take a picture of a man wheeling a stroller with two DOGS in it - but apparently this is not uncommon in NY. Can you imagine??? Here are some I did get:
I loved the way this bike threw a shadow.

A shade of blue not found in nature. The symmetry of this fence. The Chambers St. Subway station.All the eyes were different. Here are a couple more. We walked through the station to catch the PATH back to our hotel. When we got to the World Trade Center I had to photograph these for you. I would have known this floor anywhere - without the sign. There were at least two weddings at the hotel today. Patel & Patel started early this morning with 450 invited guests. They were married on the pier behind the hotel and I did not take pictures of the gorgeously sari'd women. Tonight, when we got back at 11:pm the wedding was still going and I did get a shot of two guests who had come out for a breath of fresh air. The women were magnificent.When we came upstairs, we found this note from the hotel.How considerate. But it is quiet and I am going to bed.


Shirley said...

Lovely pix1 And sounds like you had a great time.

Judy Rys said...

Nothing like a trip to NY. Sounds like great fun. I miss all the galleries. I love the eyes in the subway and the bike shadow. Good eye.

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