Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday stuff

My kids and grandkids came over for brunch to celebrate my mother's 90th - thanks for the good wishes, everybody. Compared to the bash for her 80th, this was small potatoes - but then again, when she was 80 she was her alert, pretty, sparkling self.

What a decade can do: My mother's best friend was still alive, my uncle and his beautiful lady friend were still healthy and vibrant, Hilary and Jeremy had no kids, Jessica had just met Tommy, and Marty still had some brown in his hair.

Today, my mother was moved to tears at the birthday cake and the gifts. And she loved seeing her great-grandchildren! Tuesday, which is her actual birthday, I will spend the day with her and we'll take her out to a lovely dinner.

On another note - I am continuing my studio clearing activities. I have posted on my other blog - Off the Design Wall - a few of the monotypes on paper that I have had in a closet because I have no room on the walls. I hadn't looked at these in a while and had forgotten how nice they were. I posted a few leaf prints over there and I am still amazed at the detail I got when I put the plate through the press. Here are a couple of other monotypes. These are oil and acrylic on paper: monotype and screenprint.

It is late and I have a busy day tomorrow that starts early. I am hoping the caffeine has worn off so I can get a good night's sleep.


Judy said...

Lovely, lovely pieces Rayna!
Such inspiration!!

liknda dunn said...

Congratulations on being a great daughter in the face of change. I've been listening to Sue Miller's book about her dad and Alzheimers --- right after listening to the biography of Ann Lander's (who was her bright, direct self until she died): so much to think about.

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