Saturday, June 02, 2007

discharge experiments

Today, I played. I visited my sick uncle and visited my mother. But before and after those visits, I decided it was a good day to do discharge so I set up my electric hotplate on the deck. I tore 3 pieces from the same bolt of black. #1 went into the thiox bath, boiling away on the left. Later, I decided to try discharge paste and see what would happen if I steamed it; so much less nasty than ironing it! Here is the piece of black with blobs of discharge paste, wrapped with rubber bands and clamped. To tell you the truth, it needn't have bothered. Anyway, I wrapped the thing in newspaper and put it in to steam for a little while. Finally, I decided I should see what happens when I used bleach products on the same fabric. So I threw some Chlorox gel on the fabric. Nothing happned. Dishwasher gel. Not much happened. Finally a bleach & water bath. I HATE the smell of bleach. Soaked it in anti-chlor, washed it, and laid all 2 out together to photograph them. I had to take umpteen pix because the camera didn't get it right till the umpteenth-and-one shot. I don't know what it looks like on your computer screen, but the one on the left is the discharge paste: it is a lovely beige on the black. The middle one, of course, is the chlorine result: orange. And the one on the right discharged to a greenish-greyish color. Very interesting. I could have been more scientific about it, but I wasn't. I didn't do any direct application and ironing of either thiox or discharge paste: I might have gotten different results from the steaming process. And I would surely have gotten different results with different bolts of black. But there we are. I think I've gotten discharging out of my system for a little while.


zquilts said...

Discharging is one of my favorite- utterly magical- things to do ! I love never having any idea of what will happen. Thanks for taking the time to try three things and posting the photos - I like them all !oevefx

Jacquelines blog said...

I agree with you, I don't like the smell of bleach eigther. But it was worth while, the fabric looks gorgeous

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