Tuesday, June 26, 2007

back to real life

and back to the studio!! I warmed up the frying pan and played with wax again today. The piece below is really a pale lavender and the dye is one of the reds - but it may look brown on your monitor. As I write this, the fabric has stopped spinning in the washer and needs to dry. I steamed it earlier, along with this piece, which should look very different by the time it comes out of the dryer. Wax and dye on yellow fabric: the dye is rusty red and there are some areas where I mixed the red with some blue I had lying around. After I took this picture, I discharged it and the blue showed up as green. Hmmm. It will probably get a few more layers of something, but I will take it with me as an example for the soy wax class I am teaching this weekend.

Last year, when I was in Columbus, I bought a gorgeous book on Japanese calligraphy. Today, I finally got around to reading it while I sat in the eye doctor's office waiting for my husband to finish with his appointment. Looking at those pictures, I was reminded how much significance there is in the marks we make with our hands, and how much they communicate. More to ponder as I go back to work making some notes for the workshop.


Judy said...

Blogger and Google are being difficult this afternoon! GRRRR But what else is new?
If I end up with a gazillion comments on your blog, know that I am just attempting to compliment you on your beautiful pieces!!!

Gerrie said...

Nice work. I have to tell you that one of my fave garments on a cool Portland morning is my batiked shirt. I just love it.

Sonji Hunt said...

I love the look of batiks. I like those big graphic marks of yours, too.

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