Monday, June 04, 2007

how I spent my day

I got to the studio bright and early this morning and was faced with an overwhelming mess. It was the way I left it on Friday - fabrics piled helter-skelter on my table, dyes and paints out and sitting around, and an overflowing wastebasket. After I dumped the basket into the trash bag and put the dyes and paints away, I began to iron and sort. A sure cure for almost anything. Here are a few of the neatly pressed pieces before I put them away. Here's one I threw at the wall, just to amuse myself. I like the combination - something to think about for the future. This was soy wax and some auto parts, done who knows when? We have two high school interns/gofers working at the studio, thanks to Rachel Leibman, one of the artists. This afternoon they came into the studio to get a tutorial or demo or whatever you want to call it, on what I do and how I do it. Ha ha. I talked about soy wax, demonstrated deconstructed screen printing, and let them print with Thermofax screens. By the time I was finished with all that interactive stuff and had washed out all the equipment, I was ready to go home.

Tomorrow, I will work at home where it is air conditioned. A I said in yesterday's post, I need to shift gears and work more cryptically. So we will see what happens. Wednesday, I'm driving up to Lowell to jury the show and I'll be back on Friday. Hopefully, I will have Internet access where I am staying. But I'm not leaving yet!


Judy said...

Love those top two pieces most especially, Rayna. The one on the right just sings to me. If you decide you don't want/need it, send it on to me...I think you have my address!!
Safe trip to Lowell and enjoy your time there!


PaMdora said...

Hi Rayna, I've been practicing being more of a slob because when I'm in a neatnik mood, I just clean and organize and don't get any work done! Looks like a mess is good for you.

BTW what do me about working more cryptically? The word intriques me, and I couldn't sleep last night so was looking at some painter's websites. The work was kind of cryptic to me, and I was wondering if I'm too obvious?

juanita sim said...

I love the auto part batik piece! It's very interesting visually and the colour is also great.

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