Monday, June 18, 2007

garden redux

This afternoon, on the way back from Ben's kindergarten graduation from the Boys & Girls Club, I stopped to buy some flowers to replace the ones that are gone. My garden will look better, I hope, after I plant them, although I must say it makes me feel happy just to see the pots interspersed with what is there. Perennials which may or may not get 1/2 day of sun in my postage stamp, overgrown, shady front - I can't really call it a yard. Garden? Here is how it looks now. The plant lady said I should feed them and spray them with deer-off or whatever it is called. And she wished me luck, which didn't sound encouraging. These purple and white things were already there. They are fine. I added some blue delphinium (and some purple ones somewhere) and red yarrow to break up my white. I always think yarrow is a weed. It reminds me of Queen Anne's Lace growing by the side of the road. I once tried to transplant the stuff - it didn't take. Neither does chicory, which I love the look of. That blue is the best color.

This red flower is I forget what, but I desperately needed red: not pink. I do not like pink. All in all, I bought 10 pots but some of them are mystery mixes, so we shall see what develops.

So that's it on the garden front - or the front garden, whichever. I need to marinate tonight's dinner and do some more research on the Internet so we can figure out how to spend our time in NY for the weekend.


Joanne S said...

An interesting way to get the deer to leave your flowers alone--and one I use for tulips in the spring--chicken wire. Make a cage of sorts, a bowl shape, to cover the flowers. Peg it down with bent wire. Make sure the plants don't peek thru the top.

Deer like it "easy". They follow the same path every time they walk in your yard. they ate there before. will eat there again. So make it impossible for them to get the food--and they'll move on.

Best part--you can't see the chicken wire in the flower garden. It blends right in. so neat. Get the widest you can buy and wear gloves and cut a square and shape it into a bowl. Happy flowers!

Sharon said...

The red flower is called Monarda - it's a butterfly/hummingbird flower, and likes to reseed itself liberally. Deer off generally works, but red pepper does too. You have to apply both after it rains.

Rayna said...

Red pepper!! What a great idea!

Judy said...

I'm escaping to my garden for a couple of hrs of dead heading, weeding and pruning this morning. Life continues to be crazy, although now because we have moved mom to a skilled care facility and are having to box and move all of her belongings. YIKES!!! I am exhausted...physically and emotionally.
Love your flower pics....make me breathe more easily!


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