Saturday, June 02, 2007

Studio time

Going through me stash at home tonight, I came across this piece of muslin which had been my drop-cloth underneath whatever it was I was batiking a year or so ago. I remembered when I looked at it, that it had been rather bland, so I went back in with what looks like black dye. My goodness, I had forgotten about it. Something to think about.

Today I finally got to the studio: it was an airless oven till I opened the window. Then it was just an oven. I shall have to consider forking out for an air conditioner because I don't think I can work there till it is cool.
Meantime, wishing you a happy weekend.


zquilts said...

Hi Rayna:
I like that piece ! It has definite potential !

Sonji Hunt said...

It looks like a honeycomb gone mad in the city. I like the color and contrast a lot and the busy bee-like movement created by all those layers.

Rayna said...

I think I'll leave it whole cloth and stitch it and see what happens.

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