Sunday, June 24, 2007

this morning

we walked around the harbor in Jersey City. Had breakfast in a local diner and came upon another festival on the way back. This time, a Filipino street fair. We returned later and had street food for lunch. In the meantime, here is the view from the harbor outside our hotel.

The building directly across from the third tall railing from the left is the World Financial Center. Directly to its right are two empty spaces. Directly behind us, as we looked at the emptiness, was this girder which was covered on the other side with still-heartbreaking remnants. Among the detrius were dozens of peoples' scannable ID cards that let them into the buildings each day, hanging like dogtags from a war. Nearby, a memorial with the names of Jersey City residents lost that day. Almost seven years have passed and it is still fresh for us.

Afterwards, we went into the city, saw a wonderful off broadway play (that's two this weekend!) and had a good anniversary dinner before coming back on the subway.

Tomorrow, home for a day or two of recovery from all the walking and eating and walking and eating...


Susie Monday said...

Great to hear about your trip. I love visiting NYC and hope to make at least a day trip when I get to Connecticut to work mid July -- Its a work trip on a longterm writing/exhibit project with a friend, but surely I can fit in a day or two in the city!

Anonymous said...

My son left for New York City in the summer of 2001 filled with hopes and dreams. He lived in the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn and worked in World Trade Center 4. How he loved it!
Even though he was not a native New Yorker, his world change on September 11, 2001 along with the citizens of New York City. Thankfully, he is alright physically - but I'm not sure he will ever be the same emotionally.
I know we will never forget.