Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday demolition derby

Well, not really. Michael,the contractor, is here by himself today doing this very neatly. He is going to re-hang some of those uppers downstairs in my printing alcove. The almond is the color this kitchen used to be. Time to take more pix - I will update as the day goes on, whether you are interested or not - LOL.


Frances said...

you must feel like it is finaly happening now, maybe one day I will get mine done as my current kitchen is so old it makes your 80's kitchen look modern,

Judy said...

Good Lord, what a riot!!! Our demo teams arrived on the same day!!! I have yet to post pics, but I will soon. Craig and I fixed our breakfast in his office, and then he brought in lunch. We are at the condo tonight, so will eat out all weekend. And now that the condo is under contract, we are searching for new digs in the city!!! Look at my posts and you will see that our old cabinets had to have been made by the same people...and yes, so 80s!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Raina,

Of course I prefer your more artistic posts, but some things need to be done. So for now I wish you lots of success and energy with your kitchen renewal!

Regina Sint Maarten DWI

Shirley Goodwin said...

Mmmm, love that rust!

Gerrie said...

Are you and Judy having a race to see who gets a new kitchen first? I can't believe how much your old kitchens look alike!