Sunday, February 17, 2008

sunday night

I have mostly been ironing fabric in an effort to organize my room and my head. An ironing/sorting marathon, actually. Along the way, for a change of pace, I experimented a bit with a piece of cloth I came across.

Since this place is a zoo and everything is somewhere else because of the renovation, I have about 10 square inches in which to work. That lets out a lot of equipment. So, I thought, "what if I ironed freezer paper to the cloth and painted directly onto the fabric with a sponge brush and textile paint?"

The results weren't bad; it certainly improved the base yellow and orange fabric, IMO. And in this direction, it looks sort of petroglyph-y. Completely random - but then, I'm thinking that it represents how I am feeling right now. Interpret it as you like!

I also decided to see how a piece of freezer paper would work as a palette. I had a blah piece of commercial fabric and instead of throwing it away, I worked at improving it.
Here is the palette from which I printed the above fabric. I added more, but don't have the picture at hand. Restrictions do lead us to experiment and find different ways of working, I believe. I'd be interested in anything you've done differently (and maybe better) as a result of restrictions on either time or material.
On another subject, here was Michael yesterday, running water lines across the kitchen and hooking up pipes. (no post of mine these days is complete without a kitchen picture).
The plywood is back in place and tomorrow morning (Mon) the floor guys will be here. Marty will be home to watch the action, since his office is closed. It is his birthday and I had better sign the card tonight before I go to sleep. Nothing like doing things way ahead.

Falling into bed - will check in tomorrow. Happy whatever-day it is.


Lisa Walton said...

Know you are so busy but I have tagged you. Regards Lisa

kathy said...

These are great Rayna. I suppose the ironed-on freezer paper keeps the paint from moving as much?

Rayna said...

Yes, Kathy, freezer paper makes a great resist. How did you see the C&T catalog? Are you in it or do you have a shop? E-mail me off list.

Judy said...

Happy Birthday to Marty...a day late! Hope he enjoyed watching the kitchen reno!
I should have taken a similar picture of one of our guys down under the kitchen yesterday, but I was so intent on getting Barker away from the hole that I didn't think about taking a picture!


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