Tuesday, February 05, 2008

yesterday's forecast

was for sun and 50 degrees F. Notice how accurate it was. But today it is warm and foggy. Climate change or the annual Feb. tease? Oh, I know, it is warm in honor of the hot primary races today.

I've already voted in the Super Tuesday primary and I hope that if you live in one of the 24 states that is voting today, you will get out and VOTE!!

On another subject - I have been cleaning out my kitchen drawers and cabinets and starting to get hives from the stress. I never get hives - but then, I never clean out my junk drawers in the kitchen, either. Now I know why. I am so overwhelmed that I just shoved everything into containers and put it into the great room. I can't deal till it's time to put stuff back. The basket is a whole 'nother project: whenever I don't know what to do with a piece of paper, it goes in there. Now it is all falling out. Ugh.Marty's minor eye surgery is tomorrow and the contractor has been put off till Thursday, which is just as well. The kitchen faucet and disposal have still not arrived - grrrrrr. But I do have my sculptural and lovely powder room faucet. It was a great alternative to this parade of choices, which make me wonder WHO was designing these! LOL.

I am spending the morning doing a final proofing of the book galleys. Another deadline if it is to be in your hot little hands sometime in June. I'll check back and post later if anything interesting happens today.

Meantime,go and VOTE.


j.dávila said...

But the kitchen junk drawer usually has nifty found objects that are great for printing - see, it's an art-making opportunity!

Okay, it's still a chore, but...

Rayna said...

Ah, but I had already taken out the interesting stuff a long time ago.

Judy said...

My sinks arrived this afternoon, we ordered our countertops yesterday, and my cupboards and cabinets will be ripped out Friday. Our condo closes at the end of the month, so we will be homeless in the city, and kitchenless here at home...UGH! and what were we thinking? LOL
Happy packing! I hope to finish mine tomorrow morning!


Anonymous said...

I have sympathy hives in thinking about emptying out the kitchen again. Our kitchen is done, thank God, but it was more stressful than I had dreamed possible. Our start date was initially 11/1. I had the kitchen cleaned out, packed up and with just barely enough to take care of daily needs left, that could be cleared out in an hour. Then they delayed the start. And delayed again. They finally started on 12/3, and got it completely done in 2 weeks. From 10/30 until 12/16, the kitchen was on the carport in boxes, in the lower level, the bedrooms, and my studio. It got old. But we survived, nicely, and it was worth all the stress and frustration. Best wishes, and remind your self it WILL be worth it, and it will come to an end. Rosemary

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