Sunday, February 10, 2008


is something I'm still not convinced I need to be doing - but I'll answer Russ' question about process. Very scientific, as you will see... I wrapped the silk around a big, heavy, rusty grate, put it into a plastic trash bag, dumped a bunch of vinegar on it (I wonder what red wine vinegar would do?) and put the bag in a big green Rubbermaid bin. Stuck it in the basement and forgot about it for about 3 days. Took it out, rewrapped it, put it back. Left it for another day or two. End of story. No, I did not keep it warm - although the lower level of the house is perfectly temperate. I have no patience either, but I was so busy deconstructing my kitchen drawers that I honestly forgot about the silk. Amazing! Now I just have to figure out what the next step is.

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k baxter packwood said...

After your done rusting your silk you need to neutralize the piece - and post pictures so we can see what it looks like!

Take your silk fabric wash it, I just throw it in the washer, no soap, and get it good and clean. Afterwards I put it into a bucket of water that has baking soda in it, NOT soda ash. I leave it for 5 minutes or so and remove it, rinse it and dry it.

I have complete instructions in my Rust and Clay Dyeing book, if you need more information beyond that.

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