Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my battery charger has vanished

The charger for my Canon - the one that takes clear close-ups. Can't find it. It is not where it always is when I am not using it, so I suppose I shall have to buy another one. Then it will turn up. In the meantime, all I have is my little travel digital and it only knows how to take pictures of my kitchen-in-training. It is coming along - but I won't bore you. I'll save the gory details for the Garden Web Kitchen Forum.

My sewing room/office is in a state of neglect although not as chaotic as it was a few days ago. That award goes to my great room where you can see the dust on my dining chairs even from here! I should have put my poor plant out in the rain today - except that it was so cold out there. Brrrrrrr.
My soapstone yesterday was lying down when I got there and it looked very different from the last time I saw it. Jay of Garden State Soapstone, who is coming to template tomorrow, says that it will change yet again and look different 4 months from now that it will when he installs it. As if it has a life of its own. It looks gray before it is oiled
and dark green afterwards.
I think I will live with it au naturel for a while.
Yesterday I mixed up some dyes and threw a batch of ugly printed muslin pieces into golden yellow. Left it there till this morning and while they are still ugly, at least the bright yellow is - well - bright! I am dying to get out my Thermofax screens and overprint but have not really got a surface on which to work. Alas, I shall have to go back to ironing.


Gerrie said...

Oh, Rayna, I don't envy your environment. We are meeting with our SIL architect on Thursday. I'm not sure when we will start tearing apart the master bathroom/closets. It won't be nearly as bad as a kitchen torn apart!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rayna, I love the pictures of the kitchen, keep posting them. Take care, Joan Hutter

Judy said...


Congrats on your cabinets: at least you have some! Ours will be delivered tomorrow...and the suspense is about to kill me!

I think you must not have received my email the other day. I sent it via the email address listed on your blog...guess that was the wrong one. I wondered when I didn't hear from you right away. Could you email me, please??


Judy said...

.........and I do love your soapstone!!


Autumn Moon said...

Do youhave a cat, and could he or she have taken your charger?

Rayna said...

No cat, Autumn Moon. No dog. No animals, EVER. Do not even ask how allergic I am to four-footed creatures.

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