Wednesday, February 13, 2008


to printing in this crowded corner of the lower level, alongside the refrigerator, the Cuisinart, the stacks of cartons, the garbage, and you don't want to know what else! Wait! How can I even print on this cluttered space? My print alcove is bare, waiting for the contractor to bring down the old cabinets and set up a table so I can get - uh - organized(?) This is a subject for another post. In the meantime, I escaped yesterday for a few hours to my blessedly light, spacious, less-cluttered studio at 66 Franklin Street. It was like a breath of fresh air - a couple of the artists were there and we caught up. One of my studio mates had done some wonderful studies with only color and positive/negative space. Acrylic on paper. I am thinking it might be a good idea for me to do that some time...with cloth, of course. Here is how the studio at 66 Franklin St. looked yesterday when I was there. A bit more spacious than the zoo at home.

There, I was able to experiment with some ideas I'm working on for a presentation I have to give. And happily, I had brought my hotplate and a steaming setup so I could steam some fabrics. Unhappily, they turnd out lousy. But oh, well -- another layer!!
Yesterday's snow turned to freezing rain and ice and I am stuck in again today. However, I am making the best of it in the basement while they are demolishing my tile floor - complete with dust and noise. I am expecting the basement ceiling to come crashing down on my head any minute. Updates later.


California Fiber artist and composer said...

Rayna---Keep us posted on how you do such amazing things. Susan

Judy said...

Isn't it amazing how much noise those guys generate!
They finished removing my hardwoods today......wouldn't it be nice if you and i lived nextdoor and we could just trade fllors? LOL Actually, the contractor is taking mine to his daughter's house and will go in his granddaughter's bedroom! I'm glad it can be of use!
My studio is a wreck right now, but boy is it gonna be nice! I will organize it this weekend! Today I have been dealing with yet another sinus headache and vertigo. As soon as I decrease my dosage of Mucinex and Motrin, it all comes back to me.


lyric said...

Oy! I feel for you in that cramped corner and am glad you were able to get out a bit. When I can't get into my studio I find it helpful to have a little tiny handwork project to go.

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