Monday, February 11, 2008

demolition day 2

I will spare you the long story and let you see the visuals. (I'll post all the pix and details over on the Garden Web Kitchen Forum, where everybody is totally kitchen obsessed). What one man can do in two fairly short days --amazing! This is what it looked like when Michael left this afternoon.

Looking toward the deck.

To keep this art related, the top of our butcher block table is now downstairs and will lie on top of two of the cabinets, which I will use for art supply storage. At 36" x 60", the butcher block will be better than the 24"x48" I had left after I moved my 30"x60" folding tables to the studio. In an ideal world, I'd have a bigger table over there, too - but for now I am managing fine. It would, of course, be nice if I could get there before another month elapses.

Some of the upper cabinets will go on the wall in the alcove will hopefully allow me to organize all the STUFF that is downstairs a bit better.
I need to keep sufficient supplies here because when I send teaching supplies off for workshops, I pack and ship from home, not from the studio. All those tjaps and found objects are taking over my life and my house.


Anonymous said...

As I opened our blog, the counter clicked to 100,000. Don't know if it was the person before me or actually me.


liz Kettle said...

Hi Rayna!
I have been following your kitchen make over with fond memories! LOL! We re-did ours about 6 years is definitly one of those once in a lifetime things but like childbirth you do forget some of the pain.
Enjoy the process.

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