Thursday, February 14, 2008

is this art related?

I spent the evening painting. My grandfather, the artist and professional paintner, would turn over in his grave if he could see this. Fortunately, he can't.

Last night I spackled the wall where we had removed the wire shelf that will be replaced with 3 upper cabinets salvaged from the kitchen. Tonight I looked at that wall and said "YUCK." Then, picked a couple of quarts of paint from the stash of leftover audition samples from 4 years ago and got busy.

There were 2 versions of "straw" - one slightly lighter than the other. I sort of mixed them together. Then discovered we had rollers but no handle thingie. Fortunately, there is no shortage of sponge brushes in this house. I even found a couple that were larger than 1". The wall looks better already. And I am still scraping paint off my hands.

You might notice that the paint does not go all the way up. I thought about that, but didn't bother because the cabinets will cover the unpainted (and even some of the painted) part.
L-A-Z-Y and short of paint. I put about 17,000 coats of paint on the big drip of turquoise MX dye that had spilled on the wall at some point. This is what your wall will look like forever when you spill MX dye on it.
Painting was my reward for having spent the afternoon cleaning up the space in the alcove. Continuing on my throwing-out binge, I emptied the files of most paper and tried not to shove too much aside with the "I'll deal with it later" syndrome. It will remain uncluttered as long as am not there.

Today and tomorrow the electricians; Monday the floor. The oak boards were delivered this afternoon. My femme de ménage will be here tomorrow and I expect to have very clean bathrooms because there is nothing else for her to do during the 5 hours she will be here.

I had promised myself to tackle the sewing room/studio/office tomorrow but the thought is so daunting that I have to go to bed now.


Bev said...

Enjoying your renovation tale, Rayna! Head down, forge ahead, mantra of "It will all be gorgeous someday". And, try some Kilz to cover that dye drip. It's a great sealer. It covered a water stain that had soaked into some wallboard years ago. Bev

Teresa said...

I was going to mention Kilz also. We have used it to cover nearly everything. I can't wait to see cabinets!

Frances said...

nice warm sunny colour, '"I'll deal with it later" syndrome.' lol, I too suffer from this syndrome,

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