Monday, February 25, 2008


I was tired of posting same old, same old whine about my clutter so I figured it was better not to post at all. Tomorrow, maybe. The good news is that the cabinets were delivered this morning; the bad news is that two of them are wrong. That's the short version.

Off to bed after an exhausting day and a run to visit my soapstone at the yard. Here is my most favorite part of the kitchen: a whole wall of pantry and bookshelves!! What a luxury!
Do you think I will have room for some art books there, too?

More tomorrow, after a good night's sleep.


Russ Little said...

Wow! Hey, I know it's easier said than done, but keep you eye on the prize. You're going to have a dream kitchen when it's done.


Frances said...

Rayna I can imagine it is a nightmare now but it will be worth it and wonderful when it's done plus hard bit is over ~ finding good workers, if it helps to tell us about it I for one do not mind, best thoughts, Frances

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