Sunday, February 10, 2008

ok, ok - here's some art

My little room has turned into a bill-paying/filing office where I spent the better part of the day getting my '07 business expenses into Quicken. Why don't I do it as I go along? you may ask. Uh - I'm sure I have a good answer for this somewhere.While I was clearing the decks so I can pay bills tomorrow, I came across this piece I had printed a while ago - the continuing obsession with my trees. I think this is the one in the front of the house.
Lest you think I have been idle during the past few days, I can assure you that I have NOT. After having seen Claire Fenton's to-die-for rusted fabrics I decided I needed to give it another go. I had always found them ugly - but that is probably because the rusted fabrics I had seen were splotchy, with just brown blobs. That is what mine looked like, too - so I had given up. But I had a 2 yard length of white silk sitting around doing nothing, so I decided to wrap it and rust it. While I have been deconstructing my kitchen drawers, this piece has been mouldering all week. I should have cut it in half lengthwise; I will probably do so before the next round. Here is an attempt at shooting the whole length.
Here are closeups of some of the more interesting bits. Notice how the entire piece turned a lovely caramel color.
Yesterday morning the contractor came and took out the dishwasher so a nice young couple without one could have it. Eeeewwww: now this place is beginning to look like a tenement. (you thought you'd get away without a kitchen picture, didn't you? Fat chance.)
Still no takers for the fridge but someone is coming this morning to freecycle away my old fax machine.

Back to art - I just received a lovely collection of rubbing plates from Canyon Creek Textiles and am champing at the bit to see what interesting things I can do with them. Oh, for a print table! I hope to get back to my studio on Tuesday - we'll see. Hope springs eternal, etc.


Russ Little said...

I love the rusted silk. It came out beautifully. I've only done a little of us because it requires patience--a virtue for which I am not known. How long did you leave it wrapped and did you keep it warm during the rusting process? I've heard that helps.

Gerrie said...

Beautiful fabrics! Our old refrigerator is sitting on the curb with a check for $25. The electic company is sending someone to pick it up and haul it away.

pcoxdesign said...

Your rusted silk came out great! I was using long nails on mine and it came out just kind of in splotches. I need to find the mesh . . .

Wolf said...

You should see my silk scarves that I rust dyed}:)