Thursday, December 01, 2005

batik break

After I wrote a whole thing, Blogger decided to crash. So I am not repeating it because, frankly, it wasn't that interesting. This is a smidgen of what I printed/waxed/dyed/ironed tonight. Tomorrow, I may steam it. For now, I am going to bed.


mary m. said...


That is so beautiful!

Did you use Citra- solv to print that? I bought some today.

Frances said...

love the work Rayna beautiful as always,

re blogger crash this happened to me in my first few weeks with blogger so now I write my post in word then copy and paste, if blogger crashes on me I still have all my writting and as a 2 finger typist it takes me a while,

Judy said...

Very nice....tell me that's not the one you were having fits with last night! It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!

Buy the big pan.


Gerrie said...

Yummalicious, as usual!

Rayna said...

Yes, it's the one I was having fits with and now I have steamed/washed/ironed it. It needs MORE. But I have fits over everything, so don't pay any attention to my whining.

Ok, Helene, I'll see about the big one.

cfent said...

so i must be tireder than i thought.
i just read the title as batik breath.......
its definatly time to bo to bed!

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