Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This has nothing to do with circles, but I just watered these and with the shades down in my studio tonight, I can pretend that it is spring. The poor, pathetic snake plant that looked so beautiful last summer is not happy. But the asparagus plant has little red berries on it. Is this homage to the season? Finally, my pineapple top. It's been growing for a few years now. The feng shui book says you shouldn't have spiky, sharp-edged plants in your room, but I like it.

Ok - so down to business. I seem to be doing spirals (viz - yesterday's post) and circles. Hmmm. Yesterday's play day at the museum yielded this piece, which is paint and wax resist. I ironed the wax out of it it tonight and it's not bad. Don'tcha love the look of the wax coming through the newspaper? I do. It is sooo satisfying. My friend Rachel commented that it didn't look like me -- it was so - uh - happy. Oh, dear, bad for my image..

Here is a detail.

Rather than reflecting what is going on in my life right now, the circles and clear colors are a counterpoint to it. Tomorrow, my quilting angst. The chocolate is wearing off and I am on my way to bed.


Terri said...

Great Blog! Love these - nice and colourful and lots of movement.

Karoda said...

Some type of cosmic celebration!? :)

Rayna said...

Oooh, Karoda, I like that idea. A cosmic celebration! I'll take it.

Dale Anne said...

LOVE the circles!!!
How did you make them?

I found a real neat rectangle potatoe masher at the thrift store.....will have to experiment with it after the Christmas rush!

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