Sunday, December 04, 2005

goal setting?

Deb Spincic talked about her accomplishments and her goals for next year and ended by asking: What are your possibilities for 2006? Good question, Deb. Dunno. If I look back on my accomplishments for the past year, it was a mixed bag. Half the year was a creative non-event because I spent every ounce of energy and most of my time as the sole support system for my mother as she went through her six months of health hell. She's much better now, so as the year winds down, I can take stock. Amazingly, despite all of this, I acomplished some good things:
  • started working with soy wax and found a whole new area of creativity and play.
  • taught in Houston and met so many great people I had "known" on line for a while.
  • finished two pieces that had been languishing in my studio.
  • discovered the joys of making fiber postcards.
  • etc. etc.

As for 2006, I'm not a big goal setter. It stresses me out to have goals, deadlines, and the like - and I am lucky I can find the pieces of paper on which I write my occasional lists. That said, here are a few:

  • finish the time-consuming project I have been working on for months and get it OUT!
  • make enough new pieces to enter a juried show here and there.
  • get pedicures more often.

See what I mean? That's about the extent of my goal-setting. No specifics, no deadlines, no dates, no details. And that's ok with me.


Debra Spincic said...

I definitely like the "get more pedicures" goal!

Everyone works to their own schedule. I need some idea of where I have been and where I am going to give some purpose to what I do. But, I've always been like that & it transfers to quilting now because that activity takes the biggest chunk of my time.

mary m. said...


Very smart of you not to stress yourself out.

I tried making a gelatin plate on a piece of acylic with clay edges, (like Nancy Marculewicz does) but the gelatin seeped out. Your way (in a foil pan) is working out much better. (Plus, your recipe yields a firmer plate)

Rayna said...

Aarrgggh - Mary!! I had the same mess the first time I followed her directions. And that stuff is STICKY!

Lisa Call said...

Oh yes - the Ps vs. the Js.

I was going to post about goals in my new topic of "motivation" in my blog this weekend and the first paragraph is all I wrote - it says:

"First off - I'm a very strong J in the meyer's briggs personality type indicator tests. This means I prefer lots of organization. Lists, structure, closure, etc. Those of you that are Ps will probably read this and think I'm totally nuts, which is fine, the world needs both of us (to drive each other crazy)."

Anyway - I moved on to posting pictures of big horses instead and will come back to the goal post later.

Oh no - does that mean I'm part P????

Back to cleaning my office as I said I'd have it done today!

Lisa Call said...

Oops - forgot to say - Rayna the url is wrong for the link back to Debra's blog - you are missing the : after the http. Without it I end up at microsoft. Which is lovely - but maybe not what you intended.

Rayna said...

LOL, Lisa -- that's why we off-the-charts P's need you J's. I told you, I keep marrying them - so we get what we need, whether we want it or not.
One thing, though: I am what is called a 'planful P' - I am always on time, if not early and people who are habitually late are off my list. Go figure.

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