Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday in the studio

This morning, I have spent some time quilting the Gates piece I made last February after we had that wonderful day in Central Park. Atypical of what I do -- and larger (44"x44" before I straighten and face the edges) -- it has been languishing in my studio for all of 2005. Although I am not finished, I thought that since we were talking the other day about how to quilt a piece, I would post a pic or two of how I am working with a blocky piece like this. While some people do a wonderful job of allover quilting, I change color of thread and quilt in whatever way the block tells my machine to do it. Since my pieces are not about the stitch, I no longer worry about it. After a couple of hours of plugging away, it's time to shift gears and do something else. Here is a closeup of a couple of those blocks - you see what I mean? So now, I need to make another gelatin plate for tomorrow's museum day with my Studio Six group. And then, who knows what? It is a bitterly cold, sunny day, and I am happy to be in with Mozart string quartets.

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Deb R said...

I don't think I had seen the Gates piece before. I like it. The difference in the quilting from block to block adds a lot of interest.

I like your new red highlights too. (Couldn't comment on those before because for a few days there blogger was refusing to show me photos on some blogs, including yours.)

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