Monday, December 05, 2005


I'm going to make this fast! It's ungodly late and I'm going to bed, but first I want to post these pictures of what I saw from my kitchen this morning. They seem to be my annual snowy woods pix, but they are always a pleasure to look at. Considering that I hate winter, this is no small thing. It is cold and crisp and not bad - somehow it always seems warmer with snow on the ground than without it. Huh? Marty and I even went out for a walk this afternoon, despite the grey skies. My new suede/shearling lined boots kept my feet warm, even without socks. (You know, don't you? that I almost never wear socks and I try to wear shoes as seldom as possible). These boots were a huge bargain at $39.99 at Annie Sez, one of New Jersey's famous discount women's clothing store. But I digress... More tomorrow about what I spent the day - and half the night - doing. what?? did I go back into my fabric? did I make more? Stay tuned.

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