Wednesday, December 14, 2005

sandwich club or club sandwich?? edited

Here is a sketch I made in 1999 when I was totally exasperated with being in the 'sandwich generation.' I was at my wit's end - and thought this would be a great idea for a quilt. I never made it...but maybe I never have to. Here is the drawing. I hope if you click on it, it will get large enough for you to read. This is another version of the actual sandwich. I don't think the women look sufficiently unhappy or stressed, however. When I cleaned my glasses this morning, the nosepiece broke off from the right eye and I was left with the Humpty Dumpty of the eyeglass world. I can't drive without them. I also can't drive without sunglasses - and I have clip-ons. So, I put one half of the glasses on each side of my face and putthe clip-on sunglasses on, which sort of held them together. Oh dear. Now that I've discovered drawing, you'll have to put up with it till I get tired of it. And I will.


mary m. said...

What are the requirements for being part of the "sandwich generation"? A widow friend of mine used to complain about there not being enough men around for her because she was a Depression baby...she said not too many babies were born in the 30s, they all came after the war...but that wouldn't apply to you...aren't you a boomer?

Rayna said...

The requirement for being part of the sandwich generation is age, Mary. The point at which you are taking care of the needs of both your parents and your children - you are the middle of the sandwich and it is not fun. Like: your kids are too young to drive and you need to carpool them to something at the same time that your mother, who no longer drives, has a doctor's apppointment, no friends, no public transporatation, and the cab fare is prohibitive because the doctor is 15 miles away. You are being pulled in both directions. It has nothing to do with what decade you were born in; I first heard a family therapist use the term way back in the late 1970's-early '80s and thought it was brilliant.

Rayna said...

P.S. - I'm too old to be a baby boomer, I hate to say. But thanks.

Judy in GA said...

Rayna....too many similarities here, it's almost scarey! I've been in the same restaurant as you for several years now with the Club Sandwich/Sandwich Club with my Mom and daughter. Mom is now in an Assisted Living Facility and so it's just another page in the menu for me! And then on the other hand, my newly married daughter has "needs" which only I can fill.....even though her husband is totally capable and willing, there are areas where Mama is the only one! And so it goes......!

Last Friday the nosepiece on my husband's glasses broke and he couldn't get with the tech at the Eye Dr's until it's been a Humpty Dumpty week for him too!

We're recovering from our first ice storm of the winter season...a doozy, without power for 10 hours! Needless to say, no dyeing for me today!


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