Sunday, December 25, 2005

what am I doing up?

I've spent 2 days getting rid of a virus that kept redireting my browser to porno sites. Don't ask. Fortunately, wonderful on-line free help is available. But 2 days! And then I was on the phone with Comcast for an hour while we figured out why I couldn't get to the site. So, I am wired and it is 2:35 am. But, before I waltz up to bed... Today, I decided it was time to print some samples for the batik-with-paint class I am teaching on Feb. 11 at the Arts Guild of Rahway, NJ. I have plenty of wonderful samples where I used dye, but not so many with paint. I'll just post one because I am so happy with it that I might just use it before I show it to my class. Because it is done with paint, the other side of the cloth is slightly different: a plus, in my opinion. I like choices. Side #1:

I waxed the ovals and the circles first, then painted the cloth. I let it dry and then waxed the lines and painted over the whole thing. I love working in layers. Here is the other side, which is more muted and subtly different.

And if you really want subtle - here it is. Also done in several layers. It's light, but with a lot of transparency. This is a section of a larger piece - it reminds me of a galaxy. Also done with paint. The original fabric was gray from the rusting process I put it through long ago. And now, I am going to bed and will hopefully sleep a bit late tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whether you are lighting trees or candles.

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Lauralyn said...

Hope you are getting to sleep in today! I like this one with the ovals and lines. Like the colors too!

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