Monday, December 26, 2005

a great shopping day

....For my husband. All those 50% off sales! He bought a suit, a sport jacket, 2 pairs of slacks, a pair of jeans, 4 pairs of socks and a tie. He can't shop without me and honestly, he shouldn't. Enough said. Me? I need to shop alone or with either my 2 cousins (one lives in Fla. and the other in CA) or with Helene (Paducah) and/or Marlene(London) -- any of which would be once a year if I am lucky. We all love the same store, which shall be nameless. BUT - I digress. Today I hit the jackpot! Instead of HomeDespot, we went into a local, old fashioned hardware store for a snake and a box cutter. Lo and behold -- TREASURES!! I was ecstatic at these wonderful, unexpected finds!! And the men (yes, in the hardware store they were all men) behind us in line were laughing and rolling their eyes at each other as I exclaimed aloud "O happiness, o joy. This is WONDERFUL!" My husband understood. I expect you do, too. Of course, they are NOT going into my kitchen.


Sonji Hunt said...

Yes, that masher is loverly and screams your name.

I also commend you for venturing out to shop. YIKES.

mary m. said...

ooooooooo I like the spatula!

Lin said...

Rayna -- what GREAT finds for new textures!! Don't you love to be able to 'see' the potential of these everyday things??!! Congrats on getting rid of that nasty virus! Happy playing with your new 'toys!'

Rayna said...

Yikes! is right. But my husband needed clothes and we stayed in town at small, local shops.

New textures - one day I'll run out of them, Lin.

And Mary, if I can remember, I will bring the spatula to class.

Dale Anne said...

Here is what I have found in my recent thrift store trips:

Isn't it amazing the things you find to use in your ART once you really start looking at things differently!

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