Tuesday, August 02, 2011


 More views from the High Line
Where else can you see a hard-edged,half-built structure behind a feathery tangle of wildflowers? They need each other.

slightly to the left of the building above, looking west, you can see  a sliver of the Hudson River with the New Jersey Palisades on the other side.
 Turn around: NJ is behind me and my nose is right up against the glass of someone's kitchen. Well, it will be someone's kitchen when the building is finished. The people and building you see are not inside, but reflected in the window. If you look carefully, you can see me as I am taking this photo. Privacy? A concept missing from the builder's vocabulary.  Probably a $1.1 million condo made for gawking at pedestrians a foot from their kitchen sink.
 I keep thinking this is part of a seminary in Chelsea, but I could be wrong. There is one there.  In any case, it is a beautiful building - looks like 19th Century. Reminds me of the architecture of the dorms at Mt. Holyoke College.
As I was descending the stairs at 23rd st, I couldn't help contrasting this structure with the one above.
No, it's not a used car lot -- it is a NY parking garage.

View from the Studio
Not nearly as interesting and a lot briefer because I am off to bed in about 8 minutes, before I turn into a broom or whatever you turn into at midnight. 

I'm teaching a soy wax batik class tomorrow (Tues - probably today, as you read this) and was in the studio moving things around, setting up the tables, and mixing dyes.  On the wall, this; sitting from several weeks ago. As usual, a work in progress that is bound to change.
View from the sewing room wall
At home, when it was too hot to go to the studio - playing around with a sliced up antique block (gingham and triangles) and some random strips and squares.  I couldn't really see it till I stepped back and took a photo of it. Another work in progress that may not get bigger. We'll see.
Oops - It is Tuesday and I have turned into a broom.  Off to bed!


Judy Rys said...

Yep, all that building needs is a some climbing ivy and it would look exactly like Mt Holyoke.

Eva said...

Privacy... not be a flat for me, this one; but if they find a dutch tenant, he/she will love it. When I was in Amsterdam, a dutch native explained to me that they are proud to show their places; "so don't worry, just watch!" Maybe it is a Calvinist "we-have-nothing-to-hide" attitude.

June said...

I love the flowers against the cement building. Perfect. And your workshop looks like it went very well indeed. Nice photos all 'round

Margaret Cooter said...

It's great to see the High Line from up close and personal ... I blogged about it not so long ago, from a distance - like, 3000 miles away! Interesting to see disused urban land being reclaimed - Paris has something like this too.

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