Saturday, January 06, 2007

speaking of Sean Scully

I am so relieved that I already own his book, "The Color of Time." I almost fainted when I saw the price on Amazon for this out-of-print book. Good grief! On that note, I ordered "Wall of Light" after having seen the remarkable exhibit of his work last weekend at the Met in NY. Yes, the weather has been crazy. Our friends in Colorado and Kansas are getting zapped - and here in NJ, we had 70 degrees today. Little green daffodil shoots are poking through the dirt -- my goodness! It felt lovely to have the door open and the sun roof back and be in our shirtsleeves today. Too good to be true, and I suppose we should brace ourselves for a change. But I'm going to Southern CA on Wed, so maybe I can eke out another week of good weather. I was going to iron fabric tonight, but I've been up since 6:am and think I'll defer this activity till tomorrow.


lizzieb said...

Oh yeah,and a heartfelt comgrats on your checkup...another year! And you studio is making progess...I wish I had a studio outside of my house. whine...whine...whine. I have decided that I just need twice as much space as I have...or maybe three times the amount.
Have fun in SoCal...enjoy your weather! It's been cold here in NoCal but the sun is out during the day so it is really nice! Crystal clear skies!

Anonymous said...

The Sean Scully exhibition was actually at The Phillips Collection in October of 2005 - it was the first venue for the exhibition. The Phillips also organized the show - the last venue is the Met.

Rayna said...

Weird. Well, I'll correct it. Thanks - it's odd that the Met had it on their website, which is where I got the information.