Friday, January 26, 2007

lease signed, keys in hand

Keep in mind that it will never look like this again. My half is on the left and by the end of next week, there will be STUFF.I am laughing because Susie Monday told me I was one of the inspirations for her post on messiness. What an honor. Rita (my studio mate) gets the two windows on her side, but I get more wall space. Plenty of light for everyone, though, since there is no wall dividing her side from mine. It is a sunny, southern exposure and happily, our walls don't go all the way up - so the light comes in from the window in the corridor (left), the other studio (other side of right wall) and from the French Doors (behind where I am standing to take the picture) that face a couple of north windows in the hallway. The one flaw is that there is no hot water. The utility sink has only cold, which could pose a slight problem washing out screens. But I'll buy an electric kettle so I can pour hot water over them if I need to. I think I'll take the rest of the afternoon off to eat bonbons and read mysteries. Will post pictures as the studio morphs.


Isabella said...

Best wishes to you and for work to come in that great new airy space.

cfent said...

go rayna!!!
i'm so happy for you! it looks like a wonderful space....

Judy said...

If I had a bottle of champagne, I'd uncork it and celebrate for you...but instead I'll lift my martini!
Mayme and I got together yesterday for our Silk Painters of Atlanta meeting. It was so good to be back with her again. She is just as crazy as ever, and of course I am my old mild-mannered self!

Shelina said...

It looks like a great space. Hope you get lots of artistic work done there.

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