Monday, January 08, 2007


Yes. Do not ask me what I did all day today, aside from getting my studio sale blog up and running, finally. Off the Design Wall. Oh, laundry. Four $1 bills came out beautifully clean. And I am in the middle of dumping my purse and throwing away most of what is in there so I can make room for the next load of trash. Partial inventory:
  • 3 half sticks of fossilized gum from the last flight
  • gas station receipts I can no longer read
  • toothpicks from restaurants, still in wrappers
  • many coins
  • a metal tape measure
  • an empty peanut bag from the last flight
  • crumbs
  • a check ripped into confetti
  • a minature plastic ice cream taster spoon

You get the idea. Anybody care to outdo me?


Frances said...

this is funny Rayna as I have been clearing out too and took a small suitcase I do not need to one of the local charity shops, oh and I filled it first with all those cloths I never wear!!!

the new studio sounds great,

Frances said...

ofcourse I meant clothes not cloths lol

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