Monday, January 29, 2007

Studio day

Ok, I admit it. I am losing it. No, really. Tonight, I took my CF card out of my camera and instead of putting it directly into the card reader, plunked it down somewhere while en route to some distraction. By the time I looked for it, five minutes later, it had vanished. I cannot remember where I put it - it is nowhere to be seen, and I am beyond distraught. a 1 gig card I recently bought, loaded with pictures. Just put me away.

It was one of those days. On the upside, I spent most of the day at Studio 1 painting the ugly, filthy, gray industrial shelving that Mona had gifted to me. By the time I left at 5:00, it looked pretty good if you didn't get too close. Red for energy! Next to it, the requisite electric teapot, a tin of tea, a budding avocado, some fresh-ground Italian roast coffee, my mug and Melitta filter thingie. Power strip. I am leaving an old pair of birks there so I can wear whatever the weather dictates and then change into my natural habitat. Cannot work with shoes on. Today, I painted barefoot. Tomorrow, if I get there, I can move some stuff onto the (presumably) dry shelves. Here are some other pix of the space, which happily, I uploaded before I lost the damn card.

Above, Rita's side of the studio. Notice that she has already started being productive. She put this up and started painting the ground for something. She works in pastels and also in oils that clean up with water. I use those for printmaking - they're great.

Here are our French doors, which we love. I thought the sun coming through the windows in late afternoon cast a nice pattern on what will be my design wall.

The other positive to the day was that I discovered a fabulous Caribbean luncheonette/health food store (huh?) around the corner. I had a meat pattty and the most delicious, spicy, curried fish soup for lunch. I expect to work my way through the menu and possibly bribe them for some recipes.

  • On the downside - I had to interrupt my painting to run up to the hospital to deal with my mother's vicissitudes. When the nurse saw my red-paint-splattered hands, she gasped and pointed, horrified and speechless. I ultimately got back to work, but had more involvement with my mother & the doctor tonight - and the rest of the week doesn't augur well in this department. I am going to bed in preparation for an early start tomorrow: my 7 year old grandson Josh has one line in a school play, so you know where I will be at 9:am. Meantime, I hope to see this image in my dreams tonight.


Anonymous said...

The card is on wood. that's all I can feel.
If you pinch the center budding on the avocado, it won't get "leggy"

martha said...

Hi Rayna, Beautiful Space.bee youuu ti ful!! Love the red shelves. Hope you find your card soon. when you do will you help me find my house keys, my sun glasses and my tv remote? hugs

lizzieb said...

Way to go, Rayna! I'm enjoyed a month long vacation from my understand! Next time get the red paint off of you before you give staff a heart attack. Love your new space and as soon as you get started working in there, you will love it even more. I want an outside least until a new one gets built for me. I've been keeping up with you and thanks for all of your comments. Have to finish discharging 10 more yards of black fabric so I can make 8 more pieces before Sunday...gotta go back to work!

Linda said...

Check the refrigerator,and all pockets, even ones you don't remember wearing.

The new space looks great --- I envy you tons and tons.

Gerrie said...

That studio is awesome. I can't wait to see what comes out of there. My daughter just rented studio space in SF. She is pretty excited. Sorry about the continued angst with your mom.

Your card will turn up — after you have bought a new one.

Judy said...

Hope all goes well with your Mom. Things are looking up in the studio the sun!! Quit looking for your card and it will show up! Enjoy Josh's performance.

Karoda said...

ooo, the shelves look good and i love meat pies! you got it going on!

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