Sunday, January 14, 2007

When I wasn't sightseeing

I was having a great time with the Coastal Quilters in Santa Barbara. One of the people in the class said I should amend my description to include the words "fun" and "play." I thought I had already done that, but I'll check - LOL. You can find a good description from Inga, who drove up from San Clemente to take the worksho -- and pix of her work from the class on The first day, we printed. I asked some of the participants to hold up their favorite piece of fabric from that day. Here are a few more of them.

The second day, we did Jump-Starting the Art Quilt and used some phrases as jumping-off points for pieces. It was fun to see the results, a few of are below.




So, now I'm in for a few days of rest and time with family in Los Angeles. Will be back.

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