Friday, January 05, 2007

later on Friday

Today was a remarkably good and productive day! 1. My oncologist says I'm doing great -- so, another year down. 2. I actually got a lot of work done while I was waiting for him, which I finished this afternon. 3. I went over to Studio 1 (that's what I call my new studio because it's the one closest to the entrance) to decide whether I wanted French doors or a wood door, and where I wanted it placed. Aarrgh. Yes, French doors because they let in more light and I don't care about privacy. This studio, for me, is about COMMUNITY and warmth and sunlight and whatever else comes along (the other two studios are putting wood doors on). French doors take up more wall space, but it's only a 30" difference and worth it to me and to my studio mate, Rita, with whom I consulted by phone. The walls go up on Monday and the space will be ready Feb 1st. When I left and turned the car around in the parking lot I had to take these photos of a building I missed the last time. Isn't it beautiful?

close-up of the sheet metal

close-up of the door Sean Scully would appreciate this building and I am enraptured by it.


Judy said...

Congrats on the great Dr's report....such a relief to us all.
I love French doors too, and think the more light the better.
Love the old building...great shots.

Gerrie said...

Yeah! for another good report from the oncologist. We love that. Can't wait to see your studio all set up and ready to go.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Good news about your checkup - may it stay that way. And I am sooooo jealous of your studio, not having one myself.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear the good report from your doctor. Looking forward to lots of news from Studio One.

lizzieb said...

golly Rayna, we take pictures of the same things! peeling paint, rusting metal, various signs, you name it we've got it between us!

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